Stop Parkinson

Get Back Your Normal Life

An easy and safe method developed by the Italian neurologist Antonio Costantini allows to greately improve the symptoms of Parkinson’s and return to a normal life.


The method is simple and easy to follow, you do not need to have a degree, you do not need to learn strange terms. Everything is written and there is no secret.


Hundreds of people are following the method of Dr. Costantini with incredible results. The method works, its effectiveness is demonstrated by the facts and by those who have got back to live a normal life.


You can follow the method and return to live a normal life at a very low cost. There are no magic potions or rare medicines to be found that could disappear from one day to another.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately there is still no cure for Parkinson’s. For as much as we’d like to say that there will be a complete recovery, we have to admit that in the current state of research a cure it is still far away. At present we can say with reasonable certainty that the method of Dr. Costantini blocks the progression of the disease although it doesn’t heal it. It is already a great result.

Once you reach the dosage of vitamin B1 that gives the best results, the cure must be maintained for the rest of your life. It will become like a chronic disease, a condition to live with but that can be kept under control.

Information on how to set up the treatment and achieve results are available for free on this site. There is no secret information or hidden possession. However, vitamin B1, which is at the center of this treatment, is not free and should be bought. In this sense, the method certainly has a cost. On average once a stable dosage is reached, the cost will be between 1 and 2 Euros per day.

The short answer is no. The long answer is that we do not want to be accused of having an interest and profit. This site is not monetized in any way and will always be so. We will not even tell you where to buy vitamins or which brands. Do your research or consult a specialist who can advise you.